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5 ways to strengthen your online presence to benefit your business


Visibility is everything in business. That used to include spending money on a billboard and a flashing sign, but today it’s all about your web presence. Google reports that 97% of consumers look for local businesses online. If you’re a freelancer or single entrepreneur, you must have a strong web presence to stand out from the crowd. However, what exactly is an online presence? How do you stand out from the crowd when there are so many small enterprises vying for customers’ attention? You can choose the best company that can help you with digital marketing services. Digital motive, the best digital marketing company in Wyoming can help you out with all your digital needs.


This manual will explain the advantages of building an online brand for you and show you how to do it successfully.

What is a presence online?


Consider yourself your client for a second. Consider that you are looking for someone to perform some contract web design work. Dozens of businesses and independent contractors are advertising their services after a short Google search.


How simple is it for customers to contact your company in particular? That question’s response is entirely reliant on your web presence.

social media

Defined online presence


You could believe that creating an online presence only requires a website. But this is just the beginning. It takes more than just being present online to establish a real presence. Online presence includes three main concepts:


  • Visibility
  • Credibility \sReputation


In other words, having a presence online enables customers to not only find you but also understand more about your offerings and track record.


The technique of cultivating this online presence is known as online presence management. To keep up strong brand awareness and a good online reputation, you’ll need to consistently focus on your online presence.


You likely already have a tonne on your plate if you’re like other business owners.


According to the professional social network LinkedIn, 47% of small firms manage their marketing. There is just no digital marketing department to rely on for freelancers and solopreneurs, thus the responsibility falls on you.


Not to worry. Some of the most effective methods for managing your internet presence don’t cost a lot of money or even a lot of time.


Here are 5 strategies to develop your brand awareness and internet presence in 2022:


1. Build a beautiful website


Create your website first. Even though it might seem clear, 28% of small businesses don’t even have websites.


Therefore, you freelancers are included. By having a dedicated website, you can make it simpler for clients to find you and increase the credibility of your freelancing work.

Concerning learning code, don’t worry. There are numerous website builders out there that can assist you in producing stunning, expert websites in just a day or so. Ensure that your website is clear, simple to use, and has a solid web design across a variety of mobile devices.


A great tip is to incorporate client endorsements on your landing page. This inclusion can help you win more bids and gives prospective clients a better picture of your reputation and quality.


2. Continue to be active on social media


You’ll need more than simply your website to develop genuine interactions with your customers. Nowadays, social media is the place to be if you want to meet people.


It is free to set up a profile or page on popular social networking sites, and if you make updates frequently, you’ll have a better chance of reaching more people than you would with only website traffic.


You’ll essentially receive endless free advertising when you provide material that your devoted consumers share with their profiles. Maintaining an online presence, particularly on social media, will help you build connections with potential clients. These tools let you respond to queries and client feedback.


According to one survey, clients who are engaged by firms on social media spend 19% more than the typical shopper.


3. Use fresh social media channels


Of course, not all social networking sites and their users are made equal. You must concentrate on the social media site that your target audience uses most often if you want to engage with them.

Naturally, Facebook affects almost everyone. However, if the bulk of your target market is younger, you might choose to use Instagram, as the majority of its users are under 30.


The majority of companies manage numerous social media profiles across various platforms, and they create a content schedule to assist them to keep track of what they post and when. Sites like Hootsuite and Buffer provide free tools to assist you in scheduling posts in advance if that sounds overwhelming. By doing this, you may manage your social media accounts without detracting attention from the other aspects of your company.


There is typically less rivalry when using various social media platforms, which is one benefit. While Facebook is overrun with businesses and adverts, you may connect with a fresh audience by using Instagram or even LinkedIn.


A conclusion


An ongoing aspect of your business should be maintaining your web presence. Always assess your performance across different search engines and change as necessary. As important to your business strategy as going over your financial records should be this work.

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