6 Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business


Are you wondering about ways you can use to grow your small business? The use of social media is one of the sure ways, thanks to the technological advancements across the world. Today, most companies, both small and large, are using technology.

Any company’s marketing department will always strive to improve its marketing skills on social media platforms. According to recent research, up to 88% of respondents purchase from brands they follow on social media platforms. However, most marketers are still not making good use of social media data to help improve their social media for small business marketing.

This article will look at marketing tips to help grow your small business on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Knowing Your Audience

You must know the right audience. The use of social media analytics will help provide you with the correct data. With this, you will be able to identify the right audience on social media.

Some of the popular social media analytical tools that will help you understand your social media audience include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • Facebook Insights
  • Instagram Insights

All these tools will offer accurate statistics that will help your small business grow immensely.

Develop Positive Relationships with Engagement

Recent studies reveal most customers are likely to buy from brands they have positively interacted with on social media. That explains why a business should prioritize positive engagement with its audience on social media.

Customers will always contact a business on social media for a reason; to raise an issue, ask a question, give their personal experience, or give a recommendation. Therefore, companies need to reach out to their customers and provide correct answers to their questions fast. There are high chances a potential customer will move to a different company when you take a long to get back to them.

If possible, consider using in-built interactive tools on social media like interactive stickers, Twitter polls, or Instagram stories. It will help create a strong bond with the audience.

Carry Out Social Search for Opportunities


Knowing what potential customers are discussing on social media platforms is essential. With this, you will be able to discover new opportunities to help you connect with customers.

For instance, if you have a camera store, you can search online on different social media platforms looking for similar content. In addition, taking part in photography discussions, following trending hashtags, and talking to photography professionals will help.

Develop a Social Content Calendar

Proper organization leads to success for any business. You need to take time and come up with a social media calendar. Most people ruin their business reputation by losing potential customers due to a lack of planning.

Frequent content sharing on your social media platforms is an effective method of engaging with your audience. That explains why creating a social content calendar to help control your social media channels is essential.

You have to answer the following questions before you embark on developing your business social media calendar:

  • What content type will go well with the audience?
  • How often will I be posting on social media platforms?
  • What kind of tools will I be using?
  • Will the content be original, or will I be sharing other people’s or business’s content?

Know the right Social Media Platforms

Never assume knowing where your potential audience spends their time most. For example, if your target is Gen Z and you decide to ignore Facebook and prioritize posting on Tiktok and Instagram, yet data reveals up to ¼ of Facebook users are from 18 to 24, you might be losing a lot by ignoring Facebook.

Ensure you conduct proper research to be sure you are investing in the right social media platform. 

Do not stick to a single social media channel. To be sure you are investing in the right social media channel, you should carry out your market research. With this, you will be able to understand the target audience better.

Remember that settling for a particular small business marketing platform does not guarantee that you will be using one channel. Always use different channels.

Learn Mixing the Formats Up

Make it practice switching up your social media post formats after some time. This will help in avoiding boredom and repetition. If you are used to posting still images, consider posting videos and GIFs. You will make your social media pages more attractive and exciting, making people spend more time on your page. However, taking advantage of all the formats in every social media network, Live video, reels, and ad stories are the features that will help increase customer engagement and brand awareness. On top of that, Different formats will enable you to identify the best format for certain content.


Using social media for small business marketing tips above will enable you to connect with the right audience, increasing your brand awareness.

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