6 Tips to Help Increase Social Media Engagement

6 Tips to Help Increase Social Media Engagement


Social media today plays an integral part in our lives. It is no longer a platform for just sharing information online; one has to engage with their audience. They have to spend time conversing, answering questions, and liking posts to help them like, know more and trust their brand. 

  • Are you planning to boost your social media engagement?
  • Do you know how social media influencers get lots of engagement?
  • Are you finding it challenging to keep up with social media?
  • Do you always post but hardly receive any response?

In this blog post, we will look at tips that will help you increase social media engagement

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement is the response social media posts get. Although likes, comments, and shares are the most popular social engagement types, some platforms use different terminology or features. 

For instance, a person using Twitter will ‘retweet’ a post, while one on Pinterest who wants to share the post will use the save button. 

Tips to Help Increase Social Media Engagement


1. Get Creative with the Social Media Posts 

Social media users do interact with lots of content. To ensure you grab their attention and engage them with the profiles and pages, you will have to be creative enough with the different social media posts. 

According to recent research findings, using emotions in social media posts will increase engagement by over 138%. A single feeling is capable of increasing levels of engagement by 25%.

One has to get innovative with the hashtags. It is advisable to resort to using creative words for hashtags and encourage the audiences to keep using hashtags. Ensure social media posts are crisp and short. Most people will not spend their time reading long posts. Resort to using punchlines and effective and concise content for your posts apart from posting links, videos, graphics, infographics, and much more. 

2. Social Listening 

Development in technology has led to the emergence of different social media marketing tools. These tools come with varying features to help make the online experience better. 

Social listening is an essential feature of any social media platform. Below are some of the advantages social listening offers:

  • Helps you know what people are thinking about your competitors
  • Helps in knowing what people are saying about your business 
  • Helps in understanding the trends that will work well in your business

3. Close Interaction with the Audience 


Social media engagement will not be automatic and fast unless you are a trendy brand like Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. Therefore, for a successful engagement increase for social media, enterprises or small brands will have to encourage social media users to start engaging with your brand. 

Below are some essential tips to help increase engagement as you interact with them 

  • Sharing of previous customers testimonials
  • Posting pictures of team members 
  • Responding to comments 

4. Carry Out Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Apart from posting simple social media marketing campaigns, it is appropriate that you provide reasons to enable your audience to engage with the social media pages. Here are campaign types capable of increasing social media engagement by 500%

  • Contests 
  • Surveys 
  • Polls 
  • Giveaways 

5. Use Story Feature and Go Live 

More and more social media platforms are today offering story features. LinkedIn is the most recent platform to start offering story features. As a result, the stories will always get more awareness and reach. 

Go Live is another feature that most social media platforms offer today. Your followers will receive notifications whenever you go live, increasing engagement. 

6. Use of Surveys and polls 

Apart from the surveys and polls results giving you valuable information about problems and pain points, they will also offer your audience the opportunity to be heard and give feedback. They will reveal to them that you have an interest in their needs. If you offer any incentives like a discount or content they will download, you can be sure you will get more critical information. Most social media users will always want to participate in polls or surveys; this will help increase social media engagement


Social media can be significant for reaching, nurturing, and growing your audience when used correctly. However, it is never enough to post just for people to see you; consider posting sporadically or, worst of all, posting and failing to respond to the audience. 

Ensure you always spare some time to check the basics like proper usage of hashtags or coming up with relatable headlines. After that, you can always explore what hosting a social media contest or honing your brand voice can do to your brand. 

It is possible to manage social media marketing in-house. However, when there is a dire need to reach out for help, you should seek the help of a content marketing agency or professional.

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