Digital Marketing ROI Statistics and Guide


With all of the digital marketing strategy books that are currently saturating internet search engine results, you could easily produce a book. You have a wide range of options if you want to learn how to develop a digital marketing strategy. 


The legendary return on investment is the best indicator for doing that (ROI). Everyone wants to feel like they’re receiving their money’s worth, and ROI is the figure you need to know to make this determination.

Before adopting a certain digital marketing channel, it’s crucial to understand its expected return on investment. Nobody wants to put all their money into one channel just to find out that it’s a money pit with no results. You can approach the best digital marketing company in Wyoming to get all your digital marketing needs done.


To assist you in deciding where to focus your attention and resources, we have compiled statistics on four of the most widely used (and lucrative) digital marketing strategies. For you to apply them in a way that will optimize your income and advance your company, we’ve also included some of the best implementation advice.


What precisely is ROI, then?


In other words, it determines whether your investment is worthwhile. Imagine it as a flowerbed. You expect flowers if you plant seeds, right? The ratio of the number of flowers you receive to the seeds you sowed is your return on investment (ROI).


Investment Strategies For Digital Marketing


#1 Email marketing


 This well-known marketing strategy is still active today thanks to its ability to shift and evolve with the times and its chameleon-like appearance.


#2. SEO


An essential component of online success is search engine optimization (SEO). It entails content optimization for search engines like Google on your website. The position you take on the search engine results page will therefore depend on your efforts in this area.


It also doesn’t take a genius to understand that the higher you rank, the more traffic and greater conversions you’ll receive.


Your content marketing’s success is greatly influenced by SEO. Considering that content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound marketing initiatives like email blasts while still managing to generate three times as many leads, getting it correctly is fairly crucial.


Let’s look at the hard data if you’re still not sure that SEO belongs at the core of your digital marketing plan. The typical ROI ratio for SEO marketing is 22:1. That works up to a staggering 2,200%!


You shouldn’t let this discourage you, though. Every day, millions of brands use SEO to grow their businesses. They accept these changes amicably and adjust.


The best aspect of SEO as a digital marketing tactic is that anyone can use it. The like “meta descriptions” and “schema markup” may seem strange to you right now, but the majority of SEO best practices are just common sense, like making sure your material contains enough long-tail keywords and making your website mobile-friendly.


#3 Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a different approach from SEO even though it also employs search engines to find traffic. PPC is a digital marketing tactic that enables marketers to buy leads as opposed to SEO, which gathers leads naturally.


This operates easily. Have you ever seen listings with the small “Ad” symbol next to them at the top of search engine results pages? PPC is being used here.


Marketers enter a “bid” after determining how much they are willing to spend for each click. They will be given one of the top ad slots on the results page if they are ready to pay more than their rivals. Then they pay the price they promised each time someone clicks on that advertisement.


Statistics & Guide for 2022 on Digital Marketing ROI


There is no escaping the fact that digital marketing is a huge beast with a variety of limbs for marketers to investigate and use. They all have their benefits and drawbacks; some are better utilized alone, while others can be combined for a multi-pronged strategy.


One thing is certain, though: Some digital marketing platforms provide a larger return on investment than others.

There is still money to be gained with paid marketing options with the correct plan and financial backing, even though email marketing and SEO often provide the best ROI.


The best strategy to choose which channel to employ is to take your entire marketing goals and your available budget into account if you want to get the most value for your money. Also, keep in mind that not all marketing channels are appropriate for all types of organizations. Be bold in your tactics, but don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something else if something isn’t working.


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