How to Increase Views on Your Instagram Reels Ads


Knowing how to advertise your reels will increase the attention that your audience pays to your business, especially because Instagram is the fifth most downloaded app worldwide.

We’ll discuss tried-and-true strategies in this piece to increase Instagram reel viewership.

Why Should You Increase Reel views?


Take advantage of Instagram’s reels feature for a variety of purposes.


One benefit of using Instagram reels for company promotion is an increase in followers and a motivation for your target market to explore more of your material.

The advantages you receive when you effectively raise your Instagram reel views are as follows:

  • More Potential Followers – Viral reels have the potential to be listed on the Explore page, which 50% of Instagram users visit monthly to find new content.
  • More Engagement – When compared to ordinary Instagram videos, reels receive 67% more engagement. Compared to sharing merely images, posting more reels boosts your likelihood of receiving more likes and comments.
  • More brand trust – People are more likely to interact with your videos as they view them more frequently. A sort of social evidence called more engagement tells your followers that your company is reliable and sincere.

In a nutshell, Instagram reels are effective at raising brand exposure, engaging with your target market, and ultimately expanding your business online.

Top Tips to Boost Instagram Reels Views


You are probably aware of the benefits Instagram reels may have for your business. However, how can you make popular Instagram reels for your company?

Using the tried-and-true advice provided here, you can quickly grow your Instagram following.

1. Produce Useful Content for Your Readers


What distinguishes utilizing Instagram for business from using it for personal use?

It refers to the type of content you produce and upload to your Instagram account.

While you can post anything you want to your personal account, your Instagram business profile is mainly focused on promoting to your followers.

Your Instagram reels must be instructional to receive more views, exactly like Neil Patel’s reels, which concentrate on SEO advice for internet marketers and routinely receive tens of thousands of views every reel.

social media

2. Use well-known music in your reels.


Go to Instagram’s Explore section and click on the reels area to learn the “secret” trick used by Instagram pros to get more reel visitors.

Depending on your behavior, you’ll get relevant videos according to Instagram’s sophisticated algorithm.

The best thing, though? Due to Instagram highlighting them, all of these reels will already have a significant number of views.

However, don’t just watch the reels. Discover the audio that was used in these reels and use it as inspiration.

Click on the audio thumbnail in the lower right corner of the reel to access the audio used in an Instagram reel:


3. Make reels in less than ten seconds.


Did you know that the typical person can only pay attention for up to 8 seconds?

This means that if your Instagram reels are longer than 8 to 10 seconds, less people will view them. If you weren’t able to capture their interest within the first few seconds, they might be too preoccupied scrolling to the next reel.

Yes, you can grab their attention right away by presenting a captivating tale, revealing a fascinating fact, or arousing their curiosity.


What if people don’t watch the entire Instagram video, though?


If you keep your Instagram reels under 10 seconds, you can easily resolve this problem.

Since your short reel is only a little over ten seconds long, viewers are more likely to watch it all the way through if you’ve added an interesting hook at the beginning.

Consider this Cinnabon Instagram reel as an illustration. Because it is relatable, it has an intriguing hook, and because it is only 9 seconds long, it has received over 800,000 views.


Increase the number of views on your Instagram reels now.


So there you have it, then! We hope that this guide on how to increase reel views will help you market your company on Instagram more effectively.

Are you prepared to boost your Instagram marketing? Start using Instagram Feed Pro right away to grow your following and Instagram video views. Additionally, you can also get the best Social media marketing services in Wyoming with the best marketing agency.


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