How to Use Instagram Stories for Business: The Ultimate Guide


If you aren’t using Instagram Stories for business, you might pass up a sizable potential. Instagram Stories are not only entertaining and artistic but also one of the most acceptable methods to increase interaction, raise brand exposure, and even boost sales!

For you to build the greatest Instagram Stories to advance your company in 2020, we cover everything from content strategy to design in our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories were initially released in 2016 and have grown in popularity yearly. Ever since stories came on the scene, the average number of feed posts published by influencers has fallen.

Why Instagram Stories are a valuable tool for businesses

You can publish anything you want to your business’s Instagram Stories. Your feed’s “theme” or “aesthetic” is not at risk from your content. When will you release your new product or service? Do you fancy giving your fans a glimpse of what goes on in the inner workings of your company? Do you want one employee to take over the company’s Instagram account for a day?

Keep your Instagram Story and brand interesting by publishing a wide range of original content, from commercial photographs and videos to more fun, humorous fare. Ensure you’re providing your audience with information that keeps them coming back for more!

Business Instagram Stories:  Strategies for Boosting Views, Comments, and Purchases

There are many easy-to-use tools in Instagram Stories that encourage audience interaction, such as quick emoji slider stickers and surveys that can be completed with a single click. If you’re feeling uninspired, Instagram’s new Create mode has many ready-made stickers to help jumpstart your imagination and increase user engagement.

Including a handful of these weekly features can be an excellent method to increase audience engagement, boosting your profile’s overall ranking in Instagram’s algorithm.

Instagram Stories’ most exciting features:

  1. Polling Stickers
  2. Emoji Slider Stickers, second
  3. Stickers with questions
  4. Exam Stickers
  5. Chat Emoticons
  6. Use Instagram “Live”

Why Should Businesses Use Instagram Stories?

According to internal Instagram data revealed at the most recent f8 conference, if you intend to integrate Instagram into your social media marketing strategy for 2021, it’s essential to understand where you stand in terms of Instagram statistics:

  1. Every month, 1 billion individuals use the Instagram app.
  2. Every day, 500 million individuals use Instagram Stories.
  3. On average, active users spend 28 minutes per day on Instagram.
  4. Every day, 200 million people access at least one business profile.
  5. Every month, 130 million Instagram users view and interact with shopping photos.
  6. Instagram’s prospective user base of 849.3 million users increases its advertising reach.
  7. Influencers on Instagram receive between $100 and $2,085 for each post.

It’s fascinating that non-followers interested in learning more about the services and brands on Instagram make up 2/3 of visitors to Instagram stories. In other words, individuals use Instagram to find new companies and learn more about their goods.

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Top 3 Benefits of Instagram Stories

As you can surely see (and statistics also support), Instagram is the world’s fastest-growing social media site.

The following top 3 advantages of Instagram Stories should convince organizations to start utilizing them right away:

1. Reach more Instagram users since people can find Instagram stories

This implies that readers who are not your followers can find and watch your stories. To increase the audience for your tales and increase traffic to your website, you can use hashtags or tag other users or businesses.

2. Increase user interaction

The story format gives you countless opportunities to interact with your audience and give them helpful information they can interact with.

What you could do is:

  • Make instructional videos in visual form for your products.
  • Offer free advice and tricks.
  • Provide the most recent information on your products or industry news.
  • Reveal “behind the scenes” material
  • Showcase a gathering or trade fair that your company attended.
  • invite influential people to take over your profile
  • Provide exclusive discounts, promo codes, and limited-time deals.

Now that you know the advantages of Instagram stories start learning how to use them right now!

3. The Instagram story as a complete conversion funnel

One of the critical advantages Instagram stories offer to its users goes beyond simply raising their brand’s visibility.

Instagram stories are genuinely becoming a potent remedy for the bottom of the marketing funnel, giving businesses the chance to boost lead generation and online conversions.

Businesses that have created exciting stories that are valuable to their followers can either invite their followers to a direct chat in Instagram Messenger or, if they don’t have the option to add links to their stories, simply provide a link in their Instagram profile bio so that potential customers can visit that page and make a purchase.

The most crucial thing to remember is to be true to your brand.

It’s time to go to work now that you know some of the best strategies for using Instagram Stories for the company. To be effective as you use these new capabilities, keep in mind that each Instagram Story must be consistent with your brand. Or, in case you want to hire a social media advertising firm, then that is also a good idea to move forward.

Fortunately, creating professional-looking profile photos, images, graphics, or videos doesn’t require you to be an expert in Photoshop. Learn the basics of creating your visual identity, then use simple, accessible, and customizable design tools to create eye-catching profile pictures and Instagram Stories.

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