Must have Social Media Management tools


There are hundreds of social media management tools that are capable of assisting you in achieving your social media marketing strategy. The tools can help create social media, planning, collaboration, scheduling, sharing, analysis, and more. 

According to recent studies, 91% of businesses advertise their services and products online. The findings reveal the importance of investing in social media tools to help a business stand out.  

In this article, we will be looking at some of the must-have social media management tools and their standout features. 

1. SocialBee

SocialBee is an essential social media management tool that helps businesses’ social profiles stand out. If you post fresh content frequently, you should invest in SocialBee. With this management tool, you can save lots of your time since you will automate social media posting. 

SocialBee has a user-friendly interface and will help categorize all your social media content, ensuring your audience enjoys the best content mix. 


  • Ease of content importation from different sources and editing them into other formats
  • Ability to Customize Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google my Business, and Pinterest posts
  • Can Generate own posting schedule about best practices of every platform
  • Its collaboration features can help the social media team work together efficiently. 

2. Loomly 

Loomly is one of the market’s best team collaboration social media management tools. It comes with many top features, and it’s straightforward to use. So it is hard to believe why it does not have a more extensive user base. 

With Loomly, you can manage projects, your calendars, and teams and schedule meetings from one place. It will be much easier to do all those using a single tool than having to juggle between different devices. 

Loomly will offer you more power since all are in a single place, and it’s straightforward to access on your phone, tablet, or computer. You will keep your plans up to date and share the programs with your clients and colleagues with lots of ease. 


  • Can create posts by suggesting on the post ideas
  • Helps in post optimization by offering tips on post optimization whenever you are creating new posts. 
  • Uses automatic mockups to preview your posts

3. HootSuite 


HootSuite is an essential social media management tool as it helps create and manage business campaigns. This tool will save you from managing all the platforms manually. Using HootSuite, you will handle all of them from one dashboard. You can use the dashboard for conversation tracking, message scheduling, multiple profile management, and other social tasks. 


  • Its free plan is limited. 
  • Scheduling of campaigns to different platforms using one dashboard 
  • Compatible with popular social media channels 
  • Offers a free online course to starters 

4. Canva 

Well-designed visuals will help in improving the social media game. Most social media managers prefer appealing images when marketing on Instagram and Pinterest since this will help them generate more leads. Canva is the preferred social media management tool for anyone who wants help with their images. 

Canva helps in social media visuals management. The tool will offer one freedom to create designs of their choice without proper web design knowledge. 


  • Developing good-looking content 
  • It offers several unique graphic elements for designing great images 
  • Avail of pre-made templates for social media headers, ads, posts, and infographics. 

5. CoSchedule  

Social media tools strive to save social media managers’ time. CoSchedule helps in project management from a single dashboard. With this tool, you will be able to share and publish content saving most of your time. It will help boost your productivity by organizing your workflow. A good workflow will save social media managers’ time, and most potential customers will fall in love with a business with the correct workflow.


  • Helps in content posting management on different platforms using a single dashboard 
  • Organizes a calendar for brilliant market campaigns 

6. SharedCount 

SharedCount is a social media management tool that tracks the number of shares for a particular post on the website. With this tool, one can figure out the platform that will help in social share generation.  

It has 500+ APIs available hence one can start using it for free. However, to get more features like email support and domain whitelisting, one will have to subscribe to a payment plan. SharedCount will help in driving more traffic and improving conversion rates. 


  • One can start using it for free 
  • It supports both Twitter and Facebook 
  • Check the shares numbers for bulk URLs


With social media becoming an essential factor in determining the success of a business, it is necessary to ensure great social media. 

To successfully engage a social media audience, one must execute a marketing strategy accordingly. That prompts investment in the right social media management tools

Regardless of the business size, your social network will have a social media management tool to help you achieve the best. In addition, these tools will help drive more traffic to your website, ensuring an increase in brand awareness and more revenue.

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