Top Stories about Online Advertising

Top Stories About Online Advertising


A study shows that $325 billion was spent on online advertising worldwide in 2019, reaching a new height. In 2020, it reached $332.84 billion. If we look at the figures for 2021, then it increased to $ 389.29 billion. It is estimated that by 2022, it is set to break the record of over $441 billion.

Below, you can find the top stories about Online Advertising in different categories.

1. Display advertising 

Display advertising consists of graphic or visual advertising. These days, dynamic and personalized mobile display ads and banner videos are breaking the internet. Marketers are targeting keywords used by consumers in search engine queries. They are identifying the interests of the users. This information and their searched data help to optimize their ad campaigns. 

Remarketing is one of the advertising trends which is going popular these days. It consists of targeting the users who have visited your site but did not take any specific action. Actions like signing up, making purchases, clicking on the links etc.

Banner video is able to get a 68% higher click-through rate which means consumers interact more with a video used in their campaign creatives. 

2. Personalized Advertising 

It is the practice of creating ad content that is personalized to each targeted audience. It has been seen that 40% of consumers view personalized items based on the details they have shared with the brand. 

Netflix is getting popular among the Genz generation and millennials. It uses an algorithm that provides viewing recommendations to the viewer. They collect the user’s data from their click behaviour, watch time and search history. This data helps them to personalize the content they see on their homepage when they are browsing the catalogue. This algorithm will help to recommend engaging content the user like. 

Nowadays, behavioral marketing tactic is used based on the user’s interest and preference. You can personalize your content, emails, and products to increase user experience. 

3. Programmatic advertising 

It is the use of artificial intelligence to automate purchase ads to target the right audience. Real-time bidding quickly changes the way online advertising platform works. In 2021, programmatic advertising increases OTT (over the top) services such as amazon prime, Netflix etc. In 2022, it is expected to increase which in turn increases the TV ad revenues. Programmatic ads on podcasts are also blooming and gaining popularity. These ads thrive on the availability of user data. Customers are also informed about data collection. They have permission to see and edit the data. These ads do not violate the data privacy regulations and also can’t be blocked by ad blockers. 

4. Mobile-first advertising

Pandemic has changed so many things. It includes mobile advertising. Since the pandemic, people are spending most of their time on mobile devices and smartphones which has increased the surge in mobile shopping, video streaming and gaming. That behavior is still continued in 2022. 

This advertising has the biggest sales growth and it is expected to increase by record-breaking 68% sales growth. These ads serve location-focused ads to the consumers. 

5. Video advertising

Today, video marketing is the most important marketing channel and will still be in the future. According to a study, people spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos. This stat shows that it is a viable marketing platform in 2022. 

There is an increase in the video ad formats on social media channels. Videos have a great engagement rate compared to other content that helps in fetching more customers on the platform. 

Next on the list is user-generated content. According to stats, users visit an e-commerce site through user-generated video content. 

6. Social advertising 

In 2022, the number of social media reached a 4.55 billion. It increases ad spending in the social media segment. Social media ads got more attention in the marketing world whereas social commerce is expanding more. 

Change in social media platforms is one of the hot topics in advertising. Facebook has re-branded itself to meta. Facebook is now working towards the Metaverse. This shift occurs due to new privacy concerns. Now, Meta will block the detailed ad targeting categories. They will now limit the accessing data that is labelled as sensitive like sex, race and orientation. Facebook has also released augmented reality wearable glasses. If we talk from a marketing perspective, we can say that Augmented reality will bring a revolution in sales. 

7. Inclusive Marketing

Nowadays, the demand for user data collection has increased over the years. Digital ads need data to get insights and measure their performances. Brands and digital platforms are building new features that include privacy as the prime feature. 

A study reveals that there is a sudden change in the mindset of people when it comes to sharing their personal information. It shows that they are very concerned about their privacy on online platforms. 
The new trend in 2022 shows a transformation in the shape of the online advertising business.

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