I will discuss five methods for obtaining free advertising on Google and elsewhere, both online and offline.

Regularly publish blog posts and website pages that provide answers to frequently asked questions your potential clients have.

Get Mentioned Features in Reviews. You can utilize this simple and cost-free advertising strategy to promote various aspects of your organization.

Mentioning popular facilities in your Google My Business profile is an additional method for gaining free exposure on Google.

Local SEO is your tried and proven path to free Google advertising. If you place location-based keywords in the appropriate locations on your website, you will increase traffic.

In addition to your Google business listing, discussing specific qualities of your business on your website might earn you free first-page Google advertising.

Long-standing directories like Yelp and Trip Advisor are trusted by Google, and their pages frequently appear on the first page of Google.

Ensure that the blog post is published on a reputable, well-known website in your business that already receives significant exposure on Google.