Instagram is much more than just a platform for content display. Instead, it's a platform to interact with them and build a community.

A unique feature that was introduced roughly two years ago is Instagram Stories. Over 300 million consumers and businesses now use it and love it.

Through Stories, followers can correspond with you via direct messages, respond to your polls, or upload your content and tag you.

Create content that is tailored to your brand: The tone you choose in your Story should be consistent with your brand.

Utilize videos more than photos: Videos give followers a true sense of who you are. They’re like a behind the scenes sneak preview of your biz.

Engage with people, locations, and hashtags: Reaching out to people one-on-one is one of the best methods to grow your community.

Use calls-to-action to influence your followers: A CTA is designed to increase engagement by directing followers toward your desired outcome.

Post with a purpose rather than just because it's entertaining. And if you need assistance, get in touch with digital motivation.