Start by defining what a shadow ban is, how it works, and what triggers it on Instagram. This will help readers understand the concept and how it affects their content on the platform.

There are different types of shadow bans on Instagram, and it's essential to explain each of them in detail. For example, there are hashtag shadow bans, account shadow bans, and story shadow bans.

Explain how users can identify if they have been shadow banned on Instagram. This can include testing your hashtags, checking your engagement rate, and monitoring your reach.

Explain the consequences of a shadow ban on an account, such as decreased engagement, reach, and visibility. This will help readers understand why it's essential to avoid a shadow ban.

Offer tips and strategies to avoid getting shadow banned, such as using relevant hashtags, creating quality content, and avoiding spammy behavior.

If an account has been shadow banned, explain the steps to take to lift the ban. This can include removing banned hashtags, reducing spammy behavior, and reporting the issue to Instagram.

Highlight Instagram's recent efforts to improve transparency around its algorithm and reduce the incidence of shadow bans.