An Instagram shadow ban is essentially the platform limiting the audience for your material by limiting exposure.

Therefore, there's a good probability that you won't even be aware that you've been shadow banned on Instagram. Learn more

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No one will be able to see your stuff on their Instagram feeds unless they follow your profile. It will therefore be a waste of effort.

 Images that are re-gramed by your followers will also be subject to the shadow ban. So be minsdful about your insta activities

You will have significantly less visibility after being affected by a shadow ban. This can consequently result in a decline in involvement.

Instagram can eliminate accounts that don't follow their terms and conditions by using Instagram shadow ban.

If you use pointless hashtags to increase your visibility, you run the danger of being shadow banned.

Instagram frequently tweaks its algorithm. Therefore, those changes may also be to blame for your lack of engagement.

In order to learn more about Shadow ban on Instagram. Consult this blog. You will receive a summary of all the algorithms.

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